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Gynecological Ultrasound Specialist

Dr. Chang uses advanced diagnostic techniques like gynecological ultrasound to help women in the Santa Monica area and throughout Southern California understand the causes of their symptoms and get the most appropriate, most effective and safest treatment.

Gynecological Ultrasound Q&A

What is a gynecological ultrasound?

Gynecological ultrasound uses sound waves to create images of your uterus, ovaries and other structures and areas of your reproductive organs to diagnose issues including problems with fertility and causes of abnormal menstrual bleeding. The procedure uses no radiation, but instead makes images as the sound “bounces” of the organs and other structures and returns values that are interpreted by computer software as detailed images. Ultrasounds can be used to create still pictures as well as videos of processes going on inside your body.

Why is ultrasound used in gynecology?

Many people are familiar with the use of ultrasound during pregnancy to monitor the health of the developing baby and check for abnormalities in the baby or in the uterus, placenta or umbilical cord, but ultrasound has many uses in women who aren't pregnant as well. Ultrasound is often used to diagnose issues that may be causing heavy bleeding or to try to determine the possible causes of infertility. It may also be used to assess conditions like ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis or uterine prolapse.

What is the ultrasound procedure like?

Ultrasound is performed in a darkened room so the images created by the ultrasound procedure can be easily viewed on a computer monitor. During the procedure, a gel will be applied either to your skin or to the end of the handheld device that's passed over your skin to transmit the ultrasound waves. Called a transducer, the device glides across your skin, emitting the waves that create the images. At some points, the transducer may be pressed firmly into your skin to obtain better detail. Some ultrasound procedures use along wand-like transducer inserted through your vagina to see the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Gynecological ultrasound usually takes no more than 20 minutes to perform.


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    "Dr. Lawrence Bruksch is a fabulous OB/GYN. I've been his patient for eighteen years and have been very pleased with his knowledge, care and professionalism."

    Jena J.
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    "I've had to have a couple of procedures performed, and I felt comfortable in his hands. I would highly recommend him."

    Kitty A.
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    "Excellent!! I'm so happy they opened up a location in Westchester. The service is great and the doctors are amazing!"

    Kathryn B.
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    "Dr. Chang is great, I highly recommend him. I gave birth to my son Luca under his care, I would go back with him again."

    Barbara RV.
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    "I love going to appointments because they were so thoughtful and answered all my questions (and as a first time mom, I had a lot)."

    C. Nangle
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    "I highly recommend Dr. Bruksch for anyone who is seeking great care and a knowledgeable and trustworthy doctor."

    Sadie S.
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    "He answered all my questions, & then helped fix symptoms I thought couldn't be helped. I am now living much better than before & am appreciative that I saw Dr. Chang!"

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    "I love Plaza Towers! I've been going to this doc's office since 2008, they took care of both my pregnancies."

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    "I would recommend Dr Chang to anyone and we are truly forever thankful for his knowledge and for sincerely caring for us."

    Adriana R.
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    "They were all professional, efficient and were patient answering the zillion questions I had. I would recommend any doctor in this practice without exception."

    Kate A.
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