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Menopause Management Specialist

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Menopause can bring some big changes, as well as some annoying symptoms. The doctors and healthcare professionals at Plaza Towers OB-GYN can help Santa Monica, CA, women relieve those symptoms and face menopause with optimal health and greater confidence.

Menopause Q & A

When will I go through menopause?

Menopause is actually defined as 12 months in a row without a period. The time leading up to menopause is called perimenopause, and it usually begins in a woman's mid to late 40s. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports the average age of a woman when she has her last period is 51, but it can occur earlier or later.

How can I tell if I'm approaching menopause?

For most women, the approach of menopause causes come symptoms to occur as a result of decreased production of hormones. The most common symptoms of perimenopause, the time right before menopause, are:

  • irregular periods

  • hot flashes

  • mood changes

  • night sweats

  • fatigue

  • weight gain

  • hair thinning

  • insomnia

  • forgetfulness

  • vaginal dryness

  • incontinence

  • change in sex drive

What treatments are available for menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one of the most popular treatment options to help women cope with menopausal symptoms. HRT works by replacing the body's own hormones with synthetic ones designed to perform the same way in the body. Some women prefer not to have HRT, but to treat symptoms individually with products like vaginal creams to combat dryness,incontinence medications or medications to prevent hair loss, and they may also make lifestyle changes like eating a healthier diet or losing weight. The doctors at Plaza Tower Ob-Gyn are skilled in evaluating each woman individually and helping her decide which treatment option is best for her unique needs.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are the most recent advance in HRT. These hormones are developed to be recognized, used and eliminated from the body just like your body's natural hormones, so they're associated with fewer side effects compared to other type of HRT hormones.

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