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Plaza Towers Ob-Gyn offers comprehensive well woman exams so patients in the Greater Santa Monica area understand both their potential their health risks and their preventive care options to stay healthy at any age.

Well Woman Exams Q & A

How is a well woman visit different from a regular physical?

A well woman visit is like a physical in many ways, but it's designed to address the health issues that are specific to women and to their lives and lifestyles. An ob-gyn cares for women exclusively every day, so the care they provide is aimed specifically at women's unique needs, which can be surprisingly different from those of men. In addition to the routine evaluations performed during a “regular” physical, a well woman visit includes health screenings for medical issues that have been identified as affecting women at different stages in their lives so women can feel confident all their medical issues are being addressed. The visit can include your annual pelvic exam, a clinical breast exam and a Pap test if warranted.

How often do I need to have a well woman exam?

You should consider your well woman visit to be your annual physical exam, seeing your doctor every 12 months to screen of emerging health issues and update information about your blood pressure, weight, new health concerns or symptoms and other important information. Having an annual exam is the best way for your doctor to keep track of your health and wellness over time so treatments and lifestyle recommendations can be made based on your personal history and needs.

What happens if the exam turns up a medical problem?

If the results of the exam or a test indicate you may have a medical problem or be at an increased risk for one, the doctor will discuss your treatment options so you can make educated decisions about your health and your care. When initial screening or testing doesn't provide enough information, additional testing can be ordered if needed to confirm the results or determine the extent of the medical problem.

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