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As a leading ob-gyn in the Santa Monica, CA, area, Dr. Chang helps Southern California women get the care they need to treat symptomatic uterine fibroids so they can find relief from pain, heavy bleeding and other fibroid-related effects.

Fibroids Q&A

What causes fibroids?

No one has determined the exact cause of fibroids, but research indicates shifts in hormone levels may play a key role. That would help explain why fibroids grow more rapidly during childbearing years and become less symptomatic once menopause is reached. Studies also indicate heredity may play a role, which means if you have a family history of fibroids, you are also more likely to develop them.

What symptoms do fibroids cause?

Some fibroids are very small and cause no symptoms, in which case, they may go undetected until picked up during an exam for another issue. When they are symptomatic, they can cause:

  • heavy or abnormal bleeding

  • heaviness or pressure in the lower belly

  • bladder leakage

  • problems getting pregnant

How does Dr. Chang treat fibroids?

Some fibroids may be able to be successfully treated with hormones to stop or slow their growth. Others may require more aggressive options like surgery to remove them or other minimally invasive procedures to cut off the blood supply to fibroids so the tissue dies off. Other techniques can be sued to freeze fibroids (cryotherapy) or kill the tissue with heat (radiofrequency ablation). Dr. Chang will discuss all your treatment options with you during your office visit.

Can fibroids make it difficult for me to get pregnant?

Many women with fibroids are still able to become pregnant and carry a baby to term, but sometimes, fibroids can interfere with both conception and the ability to remain pregnant. If you have fibroids and you're planning on becoming pregnant, Dr. Chang will perform an evaluation to determine if the fibroids should be treated first. If you have fibroids while you're pregnant, you'll need to be monitored more frequently to check for possible problems.


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    "Dr. Lawrence Bruksch is a fabulous OB/GYN. I've been his patient for eighteen years and have been very pleased with his knowledge, care and professionalism."

    Jena J.
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    "I've had to have a couple of procedures performed, and I felt comfortable in his hands. I would highly recommend him."

    Kitty A.
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    "Excellent!! I'm so happy they opened up a location in Westchester. The service is great and the doctors are amazing!"

    Kathryn B.
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    "Dr. Chang is great, I highly recommend him. I gave birth to my son Luca under his care, I would go back with him again."

    Barbara RV.
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    "I love going to appointments because they were so thoughtful and answered all my questions (and as a first time mom, I had a lot)."

    C. Nangle
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    "I highly recommend Dr. Bruksch for anyone who is seeking great care and a knowledgeable and trustworthy doctor."

    Sadie S.
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    "He answered all my questions, & then helped fix symptoms I thought couldn't be helped. I am now living much better than before & am appreciative that I saw Dr. Chang!"

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    "I love Plaza Towers! I've been going to this doc's office since 2008, they took care of both my pregnancies."

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    "I would recommend Dr Chang to anyone and we are truly forever thankful for his knowledge and for sincerely caring for us."

    Adriana R.
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    "They were all professional, efficient and were patient answering the zillion questions I had. I would recommend any doctor in this practice without exception."

    Kate A.
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