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Plaza Tower Ob-Gyn helps Santa Monica, CA, women learn about all their options for contraception so they can find a contraception method that suits their preferences and their lifestyles.

Contraception & Birth Control Q&A

What is IUD placement like?

Intrauterine device (IUD) placement can be performed during your regular office visit. A speculum will be used to gently widen the vaginal canal so the doctor can reach your uterus. In some cases, the cervix may be injected with a local anesthetic to avoid any minor discomfort. The tiny, t-shaped IUD is inserted through the cervix (the “mouth” of the uterus) can be put in place in just a few minutes. A long, plastic tail attached to the IUD is allowed to extend into the vagina. The doctor will ask you to feel for the string so you can tell the IUD is in place. Ideally, you should feel for the string each time before you have sex to ensure the IUD hasn't become dislodged. Once the IUD is in place, you'll need to come back for a followup visit in a few weeks to ensure it's still in position.

Can a tubal ligation be reversed?

In some instances, a tubal ligation that uses clamps may be successfully reversed, but because the initial ligation can cause scarring inside the fallopian tubes, you should consider tubal ligation to be a permanent form of birth control.

Can I get birth control with a device implanted in my arm?

Yes, today there are several types of contraceptive devices that are inserted through a tiny opening in your upper arm. The doctors at Plaza Towers can discuss all your options for birth control during your office visit.

How is a diaphragm fitted?

Diaphragm fitting is quick. A speculum is sued to widen your vaginal canal so the doctor can feel your cervix and “try on” different sizes to ensure you get the best size for your cervix. You'll also be asked to insert the diaphragm yourself in the office to make sure you know how to use it properly.

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